Choosing this subject I think I had very different expectations. It was really different having the subject in redfern, it made it fell like we were there purely for creating something cool rather than trying to hand in whatever we needed to pass or achieve higher. I was really keen to learn some hand on film techniques, how to use and a camera and different styles of film. These things were not later or in front of us. Instead we were encouraged to think differently, explore bizarre ideas and to have an appreciation for creativity. All the mundane things or skills i listed before we learnt along nicely the process of filmin and presenting our own ideas, these things really do need to be learnt in process rather than taught I a classroom. I think this task was a big learning experience. Our group set out with a few very different ideas, having no idea it would lead us to create two very different films. As a whole, we all really started this task not knowing what we would create or how we would do it. We then found an idea quite early which was both good and bad. Our question “what does it feel like to suspend in space” really lead our practice. We could explore this idea to its fullest potential and really consider every aspect of the things involved. I think we did this pretty well. Being realistic I knew around the 10th week that the documentary style film we were going with could have had more content and installations in different areas but we had been focusing on the class activities and had other work loads that we knew we were settling with this one location. After over coming a few sound quality issues and finding some better quality instruments to record our sound we were all pretty content with our outcome. Feedback from our teachers was mixed. We all knew that if we had heaps of time and could film little installations all over Sydney, montage it together with a really good quality sound that it would be a really brilliant film, we had was really the beginning research and experiments in our documentary. We decided to do some really small scale installations around a few areas integrating a crate with string attached and layering these images over each other, montaged together with a rhythmic beat behind it. Our group worked so well together. We all had different skills and ideas that we could contribute and everybody picked up the slack where needed. I think our ideas explored quite well, as I said above we were quick to jump on one of our initial ideas but to our advantage we were able to really delve deep into this. On the down side we could have missed other ideas which also could have worked. I do think this idea was really unique and it resonated with us towards the end. We were excited to do more Installations and quite proud of our work. I personally was actually still impressed that we were able to suspend the first string over the goods line walkway. I think that the quality of our final presentation was less than our documentary style film simply because of the fact that it was produced in less time. However they are both extremely different styles of film so I think that our final montage presentation works better with less time than say the documentary where we had to record and overlay sound etc. Again I’m just really impressed how well our group worked together and that we were able to produce two very different style films in the time given.


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