Reflection text posted to your word press, assessing the efficacy of your project contextualised by what else you have learnt in the course.

On the whole I was really surprised and happy with how well our group worked together. Each group member pulled their own weight evenly and had equal ideas and skills to contribute to the project. We all planned our individual tasks early on and were efficient in combining together to complete the assignment. Each week we researched necessary components of the task such as materials to consider, location scouting, artists who had engaged with suspension works before us. It was important to consider works, which had previously been done to determine appropriate scale, location, materiality and subject matter of our work, which we proposed to do.

Our next phase was experimenting; we tested string, locations, filming and logistics of how we were actually going to go about completing the task. We ended up shifting our focus after the initial screening of our work, to a more artistic montage inspired by the earlier film we watched in class La Jetee. We received constructive feedback from our peers, which suggested altering the colour of the string, using a script and a microphone, which wouldn’t muffle the voice, tying the string in different locations and perhaps mixing up film techniques.

Our group decided as a whole that it would be best to draw out our concept and develop it further using brighter colored string, strung in different locations. We came up with a stop motion montage of strings suspended between fences, old train lights, wired windows and railings (otherwise boring and overlooked objects) to bring light and meaning to what would otherwise be an empty space devoid of life and meaning. We were taken by the shadows and patterns a milk crate created when suspended and spun in space as well as the intricate overlapping patterns its reflection created, which we layered over our montage to explore our research question, “What does it mean to suspend in space?” Our film answers with footage of every day items- string and a milk crate suspended in everyday locations. In doing so, emphasis and purpose is given to the materials to creating an artistic instillation in the space so that it is no longer empty and devoid of life.

Throughout the course I have learnt how to take negative feedback and collaborate with my group members and turn it into something constructive for an overall improved outcome. We also learnt to edit what was important and cull unnecessary clips. I learnt basic final cut pro editing and watched the process of how to undertake projection mapping.




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