For lab b, I choose in search of the lacuna. In this class I have learnt image research and production of film. Our class is in Redfern which is a creative space. Every Wednesday, we can see different project present in 107 projects. In the class, we have a lot of time to discover things and do experiment with group members in surround areas. The experiments include kinetic sculpture, spatial design, projection mapping, interaction, text, sound and human movement. Each practice provides a good opportunity for us building better teamwork.

After learning some editing techniques and design method. We start designing our own project. At the beginning of project b. We have an interesting exercise, everyone getting a pepper and pencil, using single words to make a story. In the end, everyone has different story. So for the film, we have a lot of ideas too. After the discussion, we all interesting and agree to work on suspended in space. When things to be connected by a string, the gap will be closed. We do a lot of relative research about artists and their artwork and design methods which give us a lot of inspirations.

The first experiment is in the class, we try the different material, and find the best way to tie a knot. After that, we find the location for our film. We suspend the strings on high rise building. And take the video for every movement. We keep a record of the working process because we put in huge manpower with an earnest heart to shoot this documentary. Although editing is new things for us, we accept it and sit down together and make it together. I think good teamwork is the most important things for a group work. In the group, I am good at photograph, so I take filming work. Everyone has her own strong and weak points. For me learn new things from each other which give us pleasant learning experience. One week before final film, we have some suggestions and feedbacks from class. We redo the whole film, because we want produce better result. My experience of this projects leads me to believe we cannot rest on the past achievements. Nothing is hard in this world if you dare to the height.


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