An update for Project 2 (B)

In the class we show the draft video, we have some feedbacks and suggestions. Although it is a good draft, there are lots of things we need to improve. The film style looks too informal. So we decided to redo it in more location and use different colour strings. Everyone takes the strings in different material and colour. Before the meeting, I used acrylic paint to provide the colour on the string. I think colour mixing could give more opportunity with colour. When the strings suspend in the space, the multicolour can impact a scene – creating interesting patterns, dimensions and textures.

FullSizeRender 3



We did experiments in different locations. In these experiments, we used colour strings. We want montage them together, so we took photographs of each string tie on the object and suspend in the space.

When we drawing materials for our film. We found this red crate is on the side. One of us ties the string on it. At the first time, we just want to suspend strings on the crate. But if a crate suspending by a string will be interesting. Also, there is a  beautiful shadow on the floor was quite distinct.



Above all, is the new material for our film. After that, we edited film in programme. We used photographs playing out as a photomontage of varying rhythm. The idea is from La Jetée. And we also use the beat sound as background music.


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