Planning for project 2 (B) UPDATE

An update on research, images and planning for project 2 (B) including changes, surprises, challenges and explicit steps you will make to reach your completion of this task.

We have stuck with the film making style of a documentation where there will be video footage as well as a voice over explaining the process we went though, thoughts and onlookers reactions to our work. We filmed from different angles and perspectives to show various angles of the creating process and how we got to the final step. Changes we made include a variety of different shots, camera angles (e.g panning, aerial shot, long shot, slow-motion), a better microphone as the one we previously recorded on using a phone picked up too many background noises. We also added a weighted object to weigh down the string as it was getting tangled and blowing away with the wind as Madi tried to guide the string down to ground level. Surprises included the reaction from onlookers who slow down to take in what was happening during the hoisting of the string which were being pulled up and suspending into the air. People were looking up while walking and were curious to why a string was being suspended between two buildings.

After the viewing the draft video in class, we got feedback and this pushed us to re-iterate our current draft.

Feedback and what to do for our next step:

  • Write out our script to make it more formal
  • Include a conclusion to make a close as we are filming in a documentary style
  • More experimentations
  • Use film editing techniques – overlapping, montage, fast – slow – fast motion
  • Level of audio – lower volume
  • Background music/ one continuous song playing the whole time- environmental sounds

Re-iterate video and create a montaged documentary:

  • Script of voice over during documentary
  • Use research of artists and material research in our documentary.
  • Use different colour strings across buildings or lower to the ground out a house window to an object (tree etc) and collect a series of images in 5-10 locations. Get 50+ photographs and montage them together.

After we got feedback as written above – we were suggested to make a montage like La Jetée. We had a discussion and thought over if we could pull it off and after much thought we decided to meet up again to document a new process. In the end we decided to bring in different coloured strings to tie and make a suspension between low/medium level structures such as trees, poles, windows and staircase and take photographs to create a documented montage of it filling a void between two spaces.

Research question: What does it mean to suspend it space?

By suspending a string between two points which cuts through open space in a public area, we give that unfilled space a meaning and an artistic purpose.

Draft video:


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