Planing for Project 2B

A post planning project 2 (B), make explicit which aspect you are in charge of, what your methods are, and how you will mesh these with the tasks and methods undertaken by your other group members.

For project 2B we are planning of making a documentary style film to capture ‘what is means to suspend in space’. For us, this means drawing connections between two structures and filling an empty and boring void of air with purpose and art.

We plan to do this by dropping two strings off two buildings facing each other about 25m away from each other. We then plan to tie the strings in the middle of the void at ground level before pulling the string tight to hoist the string into the air thus making a connection between the two structures. My job will be to go into the student housing building and take care of tying the string to the building and dropping the excess over the edge to the girls on the ground. Madi will do the same from the car park and then Monica will tie them together whilst Lynn captures and documents the process from ground level. Once the string is joined I will pull the excess slack of the string as fast as I can to make the string taut across the void. Once our individual tasks are completed and in any spare moment we get we will each film the process to document the event from our respective locations to get varying point of views. We then need to edit all of our footage together. Monica is a wiz on the editing program however we will all edit the footage together so that it is a cohesive and polished documentary.


Location shot of the carpark from UTS Housing



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