An update on research and planning for project 2B

​An update on research and planning for project 2 (B) including changes, surprises, challenges and explicit steps you will make to reach your completion of this task


After our initial experimentation of dropping string out of the housing building and the opposing car park we found it difficult to hold foot traffic back with just one of us on the ground whilst we tied the string together. Moving forward we plan to have as many people as possible on ground level so that two people can halt the foot traffic whilst the third attaches the two strings. The final person will pull the string from the housing side as quick as possible so that the foot traffic on ground level can continue to pass through the space- hopefully observing and engaging in our work.

After the initial experiment we also noticed that wind plays a huge part in how successfully we can lower the string without it getting caught on the building walls or different car park levels. Having a weight of some sort to lower the string down will be beneficial moving forward so that the string doesn’t get caught on every level of the car park which was challenging in our initial experiment. We also need to take into consideration a narration script for our documentary so that the language isn’t too colloquial (um’s and yeahs). The use of a good microphone is also imperative so that the voice isn’t muffled and scratchy. We found that most of our favorite footage was artistic shots of the smaller details like the string pooling on the ground when dropped off the building and the cutting of the string which made the string flurry in the breeze. These were all beautiful shots placing emphasis on the process as well as the finished product.


  • Film the final ordeal
  • Document the entire process
  • Write a narrative script
  • Voice recording of narration
  • Editing!!




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