Research and planning for project 2B

For the project 2B film. We decided to make a documentary film. Two of us will drop the string off building from each building and one people stand at downstairs tie the strings together and keep the safe when people walking through. Then one person on the top of building pulls the string back. To make the string tight in the sky. We will take a long shot to record the whole process from downstairs. And in the meantime the person who on the top of each building also can film the process from the variety of angles. And we plan to use a microphone to record voice to explain what we do.

Making the first documentary film is not easy for us. We are not the filmmaker,  so we have to learn the basic technology of editing and film the real places and people which give the greater aesthetics to of every shot. I researched some tutorial of making a documentary.  There are some important things of making a documentary film. For example, the first exposition creates the viewer’s first impression and introduces the content. We have to catch the viewer’s attention at the very beginning. Also, have a good storyboard can tell a good story. Before shot, we need a list of the footage and write a script. Furthermore, music is increasingly important in documentaries. Soundtracks can provide context and fix the emotional of the message being conveyed. Background music enhances the depiction of a story-advancing sequence. 




A history student’s guide to documentary filmmaking techniques., international school history, Viewed on 22 May 2017,<>

Making A Documentary Without Money, Youtube, Viewed on 22 May 2017,>


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