Planning for project 2 (B)

A post including research images and planning for project 2 (B), make explicit which aspect you are in charge of, what your methods are, and how you will mesh these with the tasks and methods undertaken by your other group members.

As we preciously researched artists in project 2 (A), we were inspired by each artists individual use of space and how they filled it. Although the artists we researched suspended wire/string with a functional purpose such as to walk across or hang objects on an art installation, we wanted to suspend string across two structures as the purpose was to fill a space and give it an artistic meaning to simply just exist in an open environment.

e.g Philippe Petit


Our plan is to create a documentary style of film making with our research question ‘What does it mean to suspend in space?’ and answering that will accompany a visual process and final outcome. The first thing we had to figured out was a way to connect the string from one side of the UTS Housing the the Novotel carpark. We thought it would be impossible to throw it as it was a long distance and too high above ground, the string would get tangled if we took it all the way up to the opposite building while it was tied to a pole on the UTS side. We then just decid to cut it at half way point and tie them both when they reach the ground and then pull from both sides so there’s no slack and it would be suspended in the air between the two buildings.


Lynn will capture and document the process from ground level and on the bridge which connects to building 6.

Maddy will go to the highest accessible point in the UTS student housing which is level 8. She will go to the balcony and tie the string on the railing and then drop the remainder of the string over the edge of the railing which will fall to the ground level infront of housing.

Maddi would have the same job on tying the string to the railing and dropping it down but on Novotel level 7 carpark.

Once all of the remaining string is on ground level, I would move to the middle of the walk way and join the two ends to tie them together to create one connected string. When the string is ready to be pulled, Maddy will pull the excess string which will hoist up in the space between the buildings to create a tight suspension in the air and then tie it so it will not be loose.

After it has successfully suspended in air, we each film the outcome from our locations to show different perspectives. When we have all the footage in one folder, I will edit on Final cut pro as I have the most experience, however we will all be working together to edit the footage and create a documentary.

As it will be in a documentary style we decided to have a voice over rather than filming one of us explaining the process and including the footage of explanation into the video.

The void we are going to fill:




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