Project 2 (A)

Our notes, research, further references and preparation summaries for Project 2 (A)

We all had the similar vision and agreement of suspending an object in open space to create a purpose in the certain area of space. We all researched examples of artists versus function and their meaning of suspension as well as how they did it.

What we propose to do: We want to suspend a string/rope or material to connect two places together formally separated or divided by an open and empty void/open space

What we need to work out/experiment with:
  • What string/material is most appropriate to complete the task?
  • Where do we get the material?
  • How much of the material do we need?
  • How tall are the buildings?
  • Could we drop string from roof top of car park to get the vertical length to the ground?
  • We could walk between buildings to get width of gap/lacuna
  • Can we get to the top of the car park to gain this measurement?
  • What style of film should we create- documentary?
  • What camera should we use to document the process?

 What are the tasks we need to complete before the due date?

  • Buy materials
  • TASKS- Experiments
  • Measuring distances
  • Possible locations
  • Testing materials
  • Dropping string from buildings and tying the knot between to join the gaps
  • Hardware or sailing shop for strong durable thin line string
  • Stress tests on materials (water durable strong enough? Possible different knots between – Sailing knots or carabinas to join the string ends.
  • Try in different spaces
  • Filming techniques
  • Document experiments with film and photography along the way
  • Document all experiments
  • Collect all film and data
  • Iterations
  • Final editing
  • Presentation due 


  • Documenting – Camera; borrow UTS or use our own camera equipment
  • Materials – how many balls of yarn will we need?
  • Rough cost between $7-20
  • Editing – edit ourselves using previously owned software

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