project idea

In our group, we talked about the gap between building, the distance between people, and time gaps etc. We all interesting in space between two buildings. What can we do with two building? How to connect them with some material? And what material can be used? It is an interesting idea to explore the possibilities. For us, there are many methods and options to choose. With the experimentation, we can document it as a film.

Here is the example from an artist Tomás Saraceno who as an architect creates re-structure such as the shape of soap bubbles, spider webs, neural networks or cloud formations (Art at MIT 2017).  His work often inspired by alternative views for accommodation and the built-environment. With new technology and new material he researched complex geometry of spiderwebs and find the amazing strength of spider silk. One of his project called Cloud Cities is visually arresting spaces that challenge viewers’ relationship to the built world. In this exhibition, visitors wind their way through and below an array of cloud-like, geometrically complex cities, suspended in the air by tethers connecting the structures to the gallery walls, floor, and ceiling (Sfmoma 2017). This series artwork can bring visitor drifting exploration an unprecedented experience which calms the mind and creates a feeling of freshness.

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In his design process, Saraceno often creates dome-like and sculptures by unusual geometrical patterns. Then he reproduced in human scale. According to his method of design. In small scale model, we can use the different material as an experiment. Moreover, the flying sculptures are not just looking beautiful but of interest to scientists as tools for imagining alternative energies (Alison H, 2015). Saraceno always creates warm and friendly space for learning and testing ideas. His creation not only gives us a lot of inspiration but also give the way to produce our work.


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Alison Hugill 2015, TOMÁS SARACENO, viewed 13 April 17, <>.

Sfmoma 2017, Tomás Saraceno Stillness in Motion — Cloud Cities, viewed 13 April 17, <>.


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