Projected Ideas for Task 2B

I think it would be interesting to explore an early idea by our group of suspending a material between two structures to connect an unfilled space. Attaching materials over a void to fill the space itself is a process and product of which we can explore and document for task B. We could do this potentially between two UTS buildings by dropping a ball of yarn out a high window of two buildings facing each other and connecting them on ground level before pulling them upward to suspend the yarn in the air subsequently connecting the structures and placing the subject matter across the void to somewhat fill the space. The film could be documentary inspired to record our process as well as the simplistic poetic nature of the finished product.

To place validity on this idea I looked into Janet Echelman’s work. She plays with fisherman’s netting in public spaces between buildings to create large-scale instillations. “Her work is at the intersection of fine art, ancient craft, cutting-edge technology, architecture, and public art.” (Tucker, D. 2015) Once installed and the structure is firmly connected onto buildings, the structures become “apart of the fabric of the city and limitless sky” (Taking imagination seriously, 2011) providing purpose to the unfilled open space.

She gained influence from a Fishing village in India where she lived for many years. She worked with local artisans during her early works where they hand tied 1.5million knots to create mass scale fishing net lace for an instillation work suspended above the ground. She was then approached for large-scale permanent structures where she replicated her handcraft with specialty machinery. She experimented for three years to devise durable engineered fibers, which would survive out in the elements, and not break down after prolonged exposure to UV radiation, salt, rain and hurricane winds yet still flowing freely in the breeze. These large laced fishnet structures have no steel elements, which allowed it to be light and soft revealing the ripples of the wind. This also allowed the voluminous structures to scale hard edge buildings anywhere around the world at skyscraper heights to fill voids beautiful structures and purpose.


(Echelman, J. 2016)


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