Task 2 Idea

The Gap Between A Relationship: The Red String of Fate

The Red String of Fate is an East Asian legend in which the gods tie an invisible red string around the ankle or pinky of two people who are destined to meet or help each other in a certain way. The two people connected to each other are supposed lovers and the string can tangle and stretch, but it will never break.

The moments between two people before they meet can be unexpected. Whether they have seen each other in photos before, sat on the same train, passed each other on the way to meeting someone else or lined up in the same queue.


Tied together by an invisible thread, two predestined lovers cross paths without notice. One day they both pass the same building, walking the same way but are on opposite sides. As they pass the gaps between the buildings, one of them notice a red string being exposed on his pinky whenever there was a gap between the building. Walking while looking between the gap, they notice someone walking on the other side so they follow them and try to close the gap inbetween.



One thought on “Task 2 Idea

  1. I really like this idea about being metaphorically tied to someone for life. It ties into the idea that we were discussing in class last week about total strangers meeting on multiple occasions without exchanging conversation whether it be catching the same bus each week or going to the same coffee shop. These connections and interconnections between strangers are so interesting and you never know what the future holds. I also like the symbolic string idea, which ties two strangers together to diminish the void between individuals.



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