La jetée and Montage exercises.

This 28 minutes film La jetée director by Chris Marker in 1962(La jetée 1962). The story assumes the background which is The Third World War with a devastating virus. At the beginning of the film, they use a lot of ruins pictures from Word Ward II. After the war, the survivors are not united together. Therefore there is the rulers and prisoner. All of them lives underground. Because the world is enveloped in nuclear radiation. The prisoner is treated like the laboratory rat. And the rulers do experiments on prisoner which through their memory return to the past. This is just an experiment, no one wants to stop the war. The man who selected as experiment alway dream about the death of a man when he was young. He has sent to the past by virus, on the jetty he meets a woman and fall in love with her. When the experiment is over, he is going to be sent to the future. But he refuses this chance. Because he wants to live in the past with his beloved woman. At the end of the experiment, he suddenly found that man who dying in his dream is himself.

This film use photomontage, the editors well control the rhythm of the film. The strong, pure, beautiful pictures without high-tech visual effects, give the most essential story is so touching. In 1962, this style of filmmaking is innovative and original. The story is very philosophical, metaphysical, hypnotic. It is inspiring the thinking of essence of life and happiness. The whispering and noise behind static images is a pretty good idea, music, and sound with darkness images effects frightening. All of this give a stirring feeling to the audience. The falls short is black and white still with no emotion narrate, dark and bizarre music makes people feeling down and boring. The image is slow and impatient. If people do not have patience they cannot finish the movie.

Montage exercises

In class, we use the ready story as a background to make the montage. We focus on each action word to take the photo in the room. Then we illustrate the photo to show the meaning of each picture. This is a simple way to edit and make a film. Although the storyboard roughly matches the final filmed montage. Its lack continuity, we need set to track community. When I see other group works. I find there have more options we can add into the video. Such as script, actors, lighting, music, and more locations of shooting. We do not have enough time to record audio. So we read the script when the video play. This is the first time we do montage exercise, it is an effective way to film the scenes in the montage. The exercise gives us much fun and lets us know what we need to improve for next time.

Reference List

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