Projection Mapping Example

A Projection Mapping Example: Flowers Bloom on People 

Flowers Bloom on People by teamLab (2016) is a projection that transcends physical and conceptual boundaries. Without people, this installation is a dark space. When people enter the room the flowers blossom on the people in the exhibition space.

The flowers bud, grow, and blossom before their petals begin to wither, and eventually fade away. The cycle of growth and decay repeats itself in perpetuity. When the viewer is still, more flowers are born and simultaneously bloom. When the viewer moves the flowers begin to wither, die and fade away.

This artwork is in continuous change, over a period of one hour a seasonal year of flowers blossoms and scatters. Neither a pre-recorded animation nor on loop, the work is rendered in real time by a computer program. The interaction between the viewer and the installation causes continuous change in the artwork; previous visual states can never be replicated, and will never reoccur.


Flowers Bloom on People – work in progress 2016, teamLab. viewed 25 March 2017, <>.


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